Advent - Day 2


Day 2 : John & Kelly Bachman

Scripture : Psalm 89:1-4



Start by reading Psalm 89:1-4, a prophetic psalm written long before the birth of Jesus Christ. Read again:  [The Lord said,] “I have made a covenant with My chosen one; I have sworn an oath to David My servant: ‘I will establish your offspring forever and build up your throne for all generations.’” These verses were written looking forward to the future reign of Christ, David’s descendant. And now, today, we have the whole picture of this prophecy: the Christ child being born that first Christmas day, Christ’s life, teaching and ministry recorded for us, His death, burial, and resurrection, the gift of the Holy Spirit; and He now sits on the throne forevermore! It is all true. It happened as the psalmist wrote because of God’s great mercy and love for you and me. This is the greatest story ever told. Christ’s life on earth as a man began that very first Christmas. This is what the season is for - celebrating his coming and knowing the whole story.


Have you humbly made Jesus Christ your king on the throne over your life? If not, ponder today the love God demonstrated for you in sending His one and only Son from heaven to live among us, God among us, to ultimately die for you. If Christ is your King, then join the psalmist of old: “Sing of the Lord’s great love forever… make His faithfulness known to others… declare that His love stands firm forever!”


Lord Jesus, I praise You for coming to earth that first Christmas, living an exemplary pure life,
and offering forgiveness to anyone who will make You King and Lord of their life. I thank you for leaving us with Your word to know You. Holy Spirit, may my words and actions to others this season make Your faithfulness known. Amen!


Grab a rake or shovel and do some yard work for a neighbor.



Be sure to share pictures of you, your friends, and your family in action!