Advent - Day 3


Day 3 : Greg & Staci Brown

Scripture : Isaiah 7:14



Start by reading Isaiah 7:14. These words, spoken several hundred years before Jesus comes on the scene, not only predicted the breakup of an alliance King Ahaz was worried about, but also communicated to the nation of Israel that a Savior would be born to complete God’s plan of salvation. So during the Christmas season, let us focus on God’s provision for us and be thankful for the miracle of the virgin birth. As we ponder the way in which God used Mary and Joseph, along with all the other players who joined in making history, let’s be amazed at how He drew everyone together for this specific great event!


What thoughts or actions help you to remember Immanuel, God with us? In what ways and places can you influence others as you interact with them this Christmas season? How can you worship Jesus today or this week?


Father, we thank You and praise You for Immanuel. The fact that Jesus came to rescue us is beyond comprehension. We thank You, Father, for your plan for mankind … salvation through Jesus alone. Help us, O God, to worship You this Christmas season with all of our being, sharing as we have opportunity about the birth of the King. Amen!


Drop baby supplies (diapers, wipes, formula, etc.) off at a crisis pregnancy center.



Be sure to share pictures of you, your friends, and your family in action!