Advent - Day 11


Day 11 : Mark & Amanda Jackson

Scripture : Luke 1:39-45



Start by reading Luke 1:39-45. The birth of Christ brought great blessing to the people of Israel and to the entire earth. There was great blessing and joy for Mary, who would give birth to our Savior. She did nothing of herself to merit blessing; In fact, the greatest blessing she received came to her through a close relationship with Christ as His mother. Through belief in Jesus we are also recipients of God’s blessing, as our faith in Christ brings us into relationship with Him. Just as Mary’s presence brought joy to Elizabeth, we should use our blessings to bring joy to others.


How have you been blessed by your relationship with Christ? How could others be blessed through you this Christmas season as a result of your relationship with Christ?


God, You are the source of all blessing. Thank you for sending Jesus. Because of Jesus, we have reason for hope and a joy that cannot be taken away. Guide us this season to look at all the ways You have blessed us. Remind us of Your goodness so that we may be filled with joy. Enable us to share the blessings You have given us with those around us.  May we share with the community
the eternal hope we have because of the salvation that comes through Jesus. Amen!


Invite a friend or family over and make them dinner.



Be sure to share pictures of you, your friends, and your family in action!