Advent - Day 19


Day 19 : Matt & Kristen Strayer

Scripture : Galations 4:4-5



Start by reading Galations 4:4-5. Waiting for something you really want can be very trying.  Right now kids near and far are eagerly waiting for their last day of school before vacation and are probably even more excited to find out what will be waiting for them under the Christmas tree. Like us anticipating Christmas, God’s people couldn’t wait for the arrival
of the Messiah. They knew God was going to send the Messiah but they didn’t know when. God had been silent for nearly 400 years prior to Christ’s coming. Despite the silence, God hadn’t forgotten! He had a plan and He had the perfect time for His rescue plan to begin. His plan was to send his own Son, Jesus, who became just like you and I in every way. He was fully human and yet also fully God, living a perfect, sinless life. He came so that we might be rescued from our sin and brokenness and become sons and daughters of the one true God. Where we once didn’t belong, we are now fully included, all because of the free gift of salvation through Jesus. Now that is a gift worth celebrating!


How have you seen evidence of God’s perfect timing in your life?


God we thank You that You are a God of order. Thank You that Jesus came into the world at just the right time. We also praise You for the perfect timing of Your work in our lives. Jesus, thank You for coming and living just like us in order to save us. Help us to live a life of meaning out of our position as Your sons and daughters. Amen!


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