Advent - Day 9


Day 9 : Charles Harp

Scripture : Matthew 1:18-25



Start by reading Matthew 1:18-25. Christmas is celebrated around the world but its true meaning has been diluted by gifts, parties, traditions, etc. We must not forget that the
very center of Christmas is the virgin birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus, because He was God’s Son, had to be free from the sinful nature passed on to all human beings by Adam. Jesus was fully human because He was born of a woman, but He was
also fully divine because he was conceived by the Holy Spirit. That is the true “miracle” 
of Christmas. The word Jesus means “the Lord saves”.  The word Immanuel means
“God with us”. Jesus’ name and His mission are one and the same.


What can we learn from Joseph in this passage that can be an example in our everyday life?


Dear Heavenly Father, our traditions of family meals, cookie making, excited children leaving Santa milk and cookies, and bell ringers collecting for the needy are all wonderful Christmas memories, but help us always to remember and thank You for the virgin birth
of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to earth to save us because we can’t save ourselves from sin. 
No matter how good we are, we can’t eliminate the sinful nature present in all of us. Help us to realize only Jesus can do that. He didn’t come so that we might save ourselves; He came to be our Savior from the power and penalty of sin. We thank you, Jesus, for your death on the cross and the opportunity You give us to hand control of our lives over to
you. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


Make cards of encouragement and hand deliver them to residents at a nursing home.



Be sure to share pictures of you, your friends, and your family in action!