Advent - Day 8


Day 8 : Adam & Christina Hannan

Scripture : Zechariah 9:9



Start by reading Zechariah 9:9. There are three things this verse is telling us: 
1. Rejoice! Because... 2. The King is coming! And when he comes... 3. He will be
righteous, victorious, and lowly, (or humble). This prophesy was carried out when Jesus, the King of Kings who was born in a barn, literally came riding into town on the back of a young donkey. The people were indeed rejoicing, because the king they were waiting for was here. But they struggled with his lowliness. They were expecting someone to come in and wipe out the Romans, and Jesus clearly wasn't the proud military ruler they had envisioned. A week later, they no longer rejoiced in Jesus. They no longer followed Him. They abandoned Him and crucified Him. And still the humble Savior loved them and was willing to die so that they could live.


Do you find joy in Jesus because of who He is or because of what He can do for you? 
Would your joy and trust continue if Jesus answered your prayer in a way that's completely different than the way you expect or hope?


Jesus, we thank You for who You are. Though You are God, You humbled Yourself and became a man. You love the poor, the sick, the weak, the vulnerable, and the outcasts. You've promised great things for meek people who trust in You. Jesus, help us to trust You more. You are righteous, victorious, and lowly. I pray that our family celebrates You with great and
lasting joy. Amen!


Pick one person that you don’t normally think to pray for and pray for them everyday
this week.



Be sure to share pictures of you, your friends, and your family in action!