Advent - Day 10


Day 10 : Bryant & Jenn Hays

Scripture : Luke 1:26-38



Start by reading Luke 1:26-38. It is miraculous to think that God, with full knowledge
of all that was to happen, sent Gabriel to a non-descript town and to an extraordinary woman.  Both were according to His sovereign plan, as Christ was to have a connection
to Nazareth. In all this, it is Mary’s story that strikes me as particularly awe-inspiring. 
She had been chosen and had found favor with God. This young godly virgin, likely only
14 or 15 years old at the time, was told what would happen to her and she believed. Declaring herself a servant, she said in her own way, “ Your will be done.” Mary went
from fear to faith, from troubled to courageous. But through all of this look at the One
who is to come. This Jesus would be conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin. 
The Son of Man and Son of God, the fullness of both kept from the inherited sin of
Adam’s seed. He is the Holy One, sent to be great, sit on David’s throne, and reign
without end. And this only scratches the surface of all that Christ was to be. In the end, 
the only proper response to the call of God is one like Mary’s: “May your word be fulfilled.”


It is often during this time of year that the reality of Christ is in our thoughts and on the top of our minds. What word from the Lord needs to be fulfilled in your life? What will
you do to remember that reality in the year to come?


Lord Most High, You have been gracious beyond words to us. We want to glorify and magnify Your name. Jesus, we want to serve You; help us to be servants as Mary was and empower us to fulfill Your word. Make our desires line up ever increasingly with your will and desires. Fill us with the joy of knowing You and let that joy overflow into the lives of the people around us. Finally, we ask that You would come and rule and reign in our
hearts and lives. Amen!


Put together snack packages and deliver them to a local fire or police station.



Be sure to share pictures of you, your friends, and your family in action!