Advent - Day 12


Day 12 : Paul & Nicole Kestel

Scripture : Luke 1:46-55



Start by reading Luke 1:46-55. My wife Nicole and I have three beautiful children. When we discovered we were having our first baby, I vividly remember the various emotions we experienced. At first it was feelings of disbelief and shock that quickly changed to feelings of inadequacy and nervousness, then finally excitement and sheer joy of the blessing that God was bestowing upon us in becoming parents. In this text, we see Mary praising God for the unborn Son she is carrying. It’s almost like Mary is past the stage of shock that
she’s having a miraculous baby and is to the point of joy of praising the Lord for who He is. 
God has chosen her as the vessel for the Savior to enter the earth to save all mankind. He
didn’t choose a wealthy ruler, princess, or even an experienced mother. Instead, He chose
a humble servant, a virgin, a young teen girl to be the one to carry the King of Kings! We often think of inadequacy as a bad thing, but actually it pushes away pride, allowing us to give God all the glory. In the passage, Mary mentions how God helps her become mindful of His mercy in His plan as she does not have the experience to raise a child, let alone the Savior of the world. She knows she is going to have to rely on Him. Mary sees how God
has worked, using her ancestors and now her in executing His amazing plan for salvation.  


What are some ways that you feel unlikely, unqualified, or too lowly to be a servant of God? How can “Mary’s Song” be an example of turning feelings of pride or inadequacy into the praise and joy that can be shared with others?


God, please help us to see that although we are unlikely servants for You, You still chose our family as vessels to carry out Your plan of helping people find their greatest joy in Jesus. Please turn us from our pride and help us rely on Your power and give You all
glory. Help us to experience the joy of serving You this Christmas. Amen! 


Make a Chirstmas card for your postal worker and leave it in your mailbox for them to receive.



Be sure to share pictures of you, your friends, and your family in action!