Advent - Day 15


Day 15 : Nick & Janae Nuss

Scripture : Matthew 2:1-12



Start by reading Matthew 2:1-12. Christmas for many is a period of giving and receiving material things. How often do we remember what we were given as worldly gifts year to year? This passage reminds us that Jesus was the greatest gift given to us. You can see in the passage that the Magi worshipped Jesus and they went on a long journey to seek Him. The Magi sacrificed time, convenience, and personal safety in order to find Jesus. When they found Him, they dropped everything and worshipped Him. They offered their best gifts, gifts fit for a King. How often do we give Jesus our best? We must be willing to put Jesus first in our lives. Doing this means sacrificing our time, money, and talents for our King. 


We each must make our own journey to find Jesus and to meet Him personally. How can we make Him a living reality in our lives? We cannot send Magi to bring back news for us like King Herod – We must seek Him out ourselves.


Lord thank You for sending Your Son and for giving us the unique opportunity to celebrate this during the Christmas season. Thank You for giving us Your Word and for reminding us that Jesus is the greatest gift we can receive. Please open peoples’ hearts during this time and let them pour out their best for You. Amen!


Go out to eat tonight. Make a card for your waiter. Thank them and let them know that
you will be praying specifically for them this week.



Be sure to share pictures of you, your friends, and your family in action!