Advent - Day 4


Day 4 : Aaron & Grace Culley

Scripture : Isaiah 9:6-7



Start by reading Isaiah 9:6-7. The coming of Jesus Christ was spoken by the prophet Isaiah approximately 700 years before Jesus’ birth. Isaiah uses beautiful names to describe our Lord. “Wonderful Counselor” signifies Jesus as a refuge from our burdens and One that is fully aware of God’s holy counsel. “Mighty God” means that Jesus is strong and unable to be overcome. “Eternal Father” means that Jesus reigns forever, with no end in time. “Prince of Peace” means that Jesus is the only one who can purchase peace between God and man. Isaiah proclaims that Jesus will reign in God’s kingdom and establish justice and righteousness. One day, pain and suffering will end. Isaiah ends by saying that the Lord established His kingdom with zeal. We have a part to play in building God’s kingdom in a similar way. God can accomplish his purposes without us, but he chooses to let us join Him. Do we portray the same zeal in bringing others to follow Christ?


What names for God mean the most to you at this season of life? Can you confidently say you belong to Jesus’ eternal kingdom?  If not, what needs to change? If yes, are you bringing people to Jesus’ kingdom with the same zeal that God used to establish His kingdom?


Lord, as our realization of Your love and sovereignty increases through the words of David, let us draw near to You in awe. May we understand what Jesus’ birth and life as a human meant not only for us but for the world. Let our hearts grow passionate toward that mission and towards Your will of sharing that Gospel message. Amen!


Find a need and meet it! There are people all around us in need. Look for someone that you can help and meet their need.



Be sure to share pictures of you, your friends, and your family in action!