Advent - Day 5


Day 5 : Dana & Sam Deines

Scripture : Isaiah 11:1



Start by reading Isaiah 11:1. “A shoot will come from the stump of Jesse”, the father of
King David. The house of David had been dormant for around 600 years. As we know, Jesus came from the house of David. God can do anything. He can bring forth a Savior from what appeared to be a lifeless stump - or family line. In a confused, selfish, and fallen world, a new green Branch (Jesus) can and did emerge. How often during what is supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year,” with lights, music, and fanfare can we get confused and become lifeless ourselves? We can get caught up with joy being equated to things of this world. What will fruit look like for us this year? Will we look outward before inward? Will we find joy in giving rather than receiving? Can we find compassion for those who are hurting? Will we be bold and courageous in helping others hear, see, touch and feel the power of Jesus? God calls us to be His hands and feet. The best gift that we can give others is understanding and believing that there truly is Hope
in a dark world. God is with us. Let your words and actions make Christ known. 


As a family, or with a group of friends, especially in this season of Advent, share hope. 
Let your thoughts, words, deeds and prayers signal to God and others that your light does not come from a string of red, green, blue, and gold, but rather from above.


Father God, please forgive us for our selfishness. We all too often think about what’s in it for me instead of how we can be Your hands and feet. Please let us seek You in all we do. Let Christmas 2017 be a first.  A time where we live differently because You are in us.  Let us see the world as You do, and help us to be bold and courageous on behalf of Your Kingdom.  While this world is beautiful, it will vanish.  Let our eyes be focused with an eternal perspective and let us bring those that cross our paths to Your feet.  Thank You for sending Your Son, for forgiving our sins, for loving us, and for being the Creator and Maker of new life. Amen! 


Make cards full of love and encouragement. Drop them off at a hospital near you.



Be sure to share pictures of you, your friends, and your family in action!