From Then to Now


In the spring of 2013, five families were sent from Cornerstone Church of Ames to plant a church in the Cedar Valley.  Our intention from the beginning was to be a multigenerational church with a focus on the next generation, particularly college students. In September 2013 we held our first services and immediately began to experience the Lord’s blessings as students and community members alike surrendered their lives to Jesus.  Within nine months, God provided us with a strong elder team and by the next fall, God had secured for us a permanent space in which we could gather weekly.


Over the past six years God has continued to grow Candeo and The Salt Company (our college ministry) both in numbers and depth.  We have seen hundreds baptized and many more find Christ-centered community.  We have thriving ministries for people of every life stage and we delight in watching people not only find new life in Christ but grow in greater likeness to Christ.  In 2017, God delivered again by providing us a new church home to help meet the needs of our growing church family. As we reflect on our journey to this point we stand in awe of all that God has done.   


We believe we are a "sent" people. Jesus said, "As the Father sent me, so I also send you." Our desire is to see our church family intentionally taking the message of Jesus everywhere they go - their schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, and for some, beyond.  This mission drives us to continue to plant churches both nationally and internationally.  To date, we have people working to establish new movements in SE Asia, Columbia, MO, and most recently, Gainesville, FL.  Additionally, in partnership with the Salt Network we have helped establish new churches in over a dozen college towns with more to come. We are leaning forward with hearts full of faith and courage, believing God that the best is still to come!