Church Membership

All who are united with Christ and united to each other are part
of God’s universal church. Functionally, this expresses itself through a believer’s
commitment to a local family of Christ-followers. Membership matters because the
Church, the body and bride of Christ, matters. As we say often, the body is
healthiest when all of its members are functioning well.  

At Candeo membership is a commitment to fully embrace God’s
vision for the local church and your God-designed role within God’s church.

We invite any person who professes faith in Jesus for the forgiveness
of sins and has publicly identified with this confession through believer’s
baptism to become a member of Candeo Church.

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Our Membership Process is Simple

Step One:

Attend a Church Membership class

Step Two:
After taking our Membership Class
complete the Membership Application

Step Three:
Application review and
approval by an Elder (or designee)  

Upcoming Membership Class

Tuesday . November 19th . 7P - 9P

Sign Up!

Our October Membership class is at full capacity, but we are
offering another class in November, so sign up below!