Is our giving to this campaign in addition to our normal tithe and offerings? 

Answer:  Yes. The entire $2.23 million in cash and pledges that we are aiming to raise is in addition
to our expected budgeted giving. Essentially, this goal requires us to double our giving for the next
two years.


How does this new mortgage payment compare to our current mortgage payment?

Answer: Currently we spend $4000 per month.  The new estimated payment come July 1st, 2017 will be approximately $22,500 per month.  (We already have about $19,500 per month included in our current 2015/2016 budget.  Add that to the $4,000 per month we are already spending and you get $23,500/month.  This is enough to cover the new mortgage payment)  In 2019, we could refinance, dropping our monthly mortgage to around $13,500.


Further financial information


When will we switch buildings?

Answer:  July, 2017


When is my one-time gift and 2017/18 pledges due?

Answer: We will collect one time gifts on December 4th but you will have until December 31st to turn in your one time give.


Will the building campaign sabotage Candeo's current vision for reaching people in the Cedar Valley, nationally or globally?

Answer: No, 25% of our current 2016/2017 budget is set aside to be given towards various ministries and organizations such as The Salt Company, Anthem Church, Candeo community mission trips, as well as Serve India Ministries where we are currently supporting 64 local pastors.  Even now we are looking to expand this vision by sending out and supporting our first long term missionary to Vietnam on a two year term, starting this December.  We only hope to increase, not decrease, our giving numbers in the future as God leads us toward a clear vision of where we should go next.  Giving to our building campaign is in addition to our general contributions SO THAT it doesn't diminish our giving to these various ministries.