We are amazed at what God has done and believe He has much more ahead of us.  We believe a larger facility will expand our ability to make disciples that make disciples among university students, the Cedar Valley, nationally and globally.  Here are just a few ways that this facility will help facilitate and expand our vision to make disciples that make disciples.




What began in a living room a few short years ago has grown to over 800 worshippers per weekend!  With twice the seating capacity, this new facility will enable us to continue to reach out to the next person and welcome them into our services at key inviting times.


How exciting that God is bring so many children into our church!  And kids need room to crawl and run!  This new facility takes us from 4 to 9 very spacious rooms, includes an outdoor play area, and has many, many acres of lawn to enjoy outside!

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Reaching university students is why Candeo Church is in the Cedar Valley.  The number of conversion stories and leaders being developed has our heads spinning.  These students will be the next generation of parents, leaders, and culture shapers.  They will change the world.  With double the seating capacity as well as closer proximity to UNI, this facility is ideal for our college ministry!