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Join us this month as we prepare and focus on the birth of our Savior.
Each day will include a devotional with a prayer and activity included.
We would love for you to join in with us this month as we remember the birth of Jesus.
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Dec . 3rd

Day One
Greg & Shannon Pierce

Dec . 6th

Day Four
Aaron & Grace Culley

Dec . 9th

Day Seven
Mike & Denise Hambly

Dec .12th

Day Ten
Bryant & Jenn Hays

Dec . 15th

Day Thirteen
Alex Kluesner

Dec . 18th

Day Sixteen
Colton & Lee Salyards

Dec . 21st

Day Nineteen
Matt & Kristen Strayer

Dec . 24th

Day Twenty Two
Jeff & Jo Young


Day Two
John & Kelly Bachman

Dec . 7th

Day Five
Dana & Sam Deines

Dec . 10th

Day Eight
Adam & Christina Hannon

Dec . 13th

Day Eleven
Mark & Amanda Jackson

Dec . 16th

Day Fourteen
Matt Snyder

Dec . 19th

Day Seventeen
Ben & Angela Schwartz

Dec . 22nd

Day Twenty
Scott Reger

Dec . 25th

Day Twenty Three
Van & Erin Zuck


Day Three
Greg & Staci Brown

Dec . 8th

Day Six
Drew & Renee Fober

Dec .11th

Day Nine
Charles Harp

Dec . 14th

Day Twelve
Paul & Nicole Kestel

Dec . 17th

Day Fifteen
Nick & Janae Nuss

Dec . 20th

Day Eighteen
Chad & Lindsey Smith

Dec . 23rd

Day Twenty One
Brett & Karen Williams