Parent Commissioning
Parent Commissioning is a time for our church to celebrate the birth or adoption of a child. We commission parents because we believe that the home is the first mission field. For more information on this topic,
click the image. We invite anyone who
calls Candeo Church home to sign up here!


Candeo Equipping Podcast
Not able to attend one of our equipping classes? Listen to each session here on the Candeo Equipping Podcast!


Running Deep . Women’s Podcast
Running Deep is a podcast that exists to encourage women to be deeply rooted in truth from the Word of God as it pertains to everyday life.


Multiplication of Connection Groups
It was so helpful to sit down with Jake Hering, Matt Hoffert, and Cody Cline as they talked through our desire to multiply connection groups and why it is so important!.


We had so much fun sitting down with Jordan Prihoda, Laura Benson, and Cody Cline to discuss what it means to be a disciple! We loved pulling both Laura and Jordan into this discussion to get a good idea of what discipleship looks like both within the Salt Company and community.


Biblical Leadership
Paul Sabino, Matt Hoffert, and Shane Klein took some time to sit down and talk about what eldership looks like here at Candeo!


Time Management
Hear from Cody Cline, Jake Hering, and Jordan Prihoda as to how they manage their time and steps they have taken through the years to be better stewards of their time.


Biblical Community
Why is biblical community so important? Do I really need to be in a connection group?


Advent 2017
Read daily devotionals, written by our own people to help us focus and remember the true meaning of Christmas. Each devotional will walk you through a passage of scripture, a reflection, a prayer and an activity.


On Our Knees : Music Video
Get a behind the scenes look at how an original song "On Our Knees", written by Jenni Sabino, Joshua Allen, Riley Scheetz, and David Andrew was created. The team will walk you through their song writing process and give you a glimpse at the inspiration behind it all.


Tis The Season
Christmas is that time of year to have and create many traditions. Traditions that are meaningful and exciting. So many times we rush to celebrate the marketable traditions of Christmas trees and lights. I would love for us at Candeo to think through how we can create traditions that keep our hearts and minds focused on Christ in our homes and communities. Click on the image to read more from Greg Pierce.



A Truly Thankful Thanksgiving
Many of us rush from one family gathering to another, from one grocery store to another, only to get to the end of Thanksgiving break still looking for the break. Could it be that in the frantic pace of our Thanksgiving events that many of us don’t slow down enough to really be thankful? Click on the image to read more from Jake Hering.



Redeeming Halloween
Whether your response to Halloween be total participation, or utter disdain, if you are a follower of Jesus you have to answer the broader question of how should we as Christ-followers respond to, and engage with our culture? Click on the image to read more from Jake Hering.